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How sharp should bush hog blades be

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how sharp should bush hog blades be

Originally Posted by crunch view Lots of great responses! Thanks for all your comments. I am partial to getting an angle grinder so will keep looking for a good deal. Click to Post a New Message! Post: But I am wondering if I wouldn't do better with an angle grinder. With an angle grinder I don't even have to remove the Brush Hog blades plus I have a flat disk to work with as opposed to a round edge of a grinding wheel. If an angle grinder would be useful what size should I get?


How many amps would I need for a 7" wheel? Best Tool For Sharpening Brush Hog Blades First slowly and gently to avoid heating grind the upper surface, then flat-file the lower face to remove any grinding burrs.

how sharp should bush hog blades be

Servicing a removed blade allows balancing too. On-mower touchups are easier with a relatively small grinder. Or a Dremel-type or an air-powered die grinder with a grinding stone.

Electrical tools show the amps on the label. Whether the cutting bevel is straight, convex or concave doesn't matter much, and if it did, you won't get it regular and perfect with a hand-held grinder. Grinding to a knife edge allows cutting that's easy on the grass and the engine. But the tool that I really like the best is a large belt sander. Now you are talking about rough cut blades think that is correct and I have never sharpen those, only on finishing mower.

If you are able to access them on the mower still think you will have to be able to lock them from pivoting. The problem find with the angle grinder is you need the blade flat for sharpening but a vise holds them vertically or wants to so I normally use a C clamp on a work bench. One point on the cutting edge on rough cut mower and don't take this as being a sure fact but have been told you want an edge there that does not slice brush to prevent sharp stubble.

Best Tool For Sharpening Brush Hog Blades We use an angle grinder, but we remove the blades from the mower to do it, trying to hold a floppy, rotating blade while you hold the grinder a job that usually requires 2 hands is a royal PITA! If you look under your bush hog there is almost always a single small bolt that goes through the output shaft of the gear box and holds the blade carrier on that shaft.

If you undo it, the whole affair just slides down off the shaft. If your bush hog has a 'stump jumper' a round plate under the blades there should be a hole in ht e upper deck which lets you slide a socket down through to remove the big bolt holding the blades in place.

Either way you do it, it will be easier than sharpening the blades while they're on the machine, that is a nightmare! Best of luck. Best Tool For Sharpening Brush Hog Blades Bench grinder wheels are fine for finish mower blades, but mine're too soft for rotary cutter blades. Definitely prefer sharpening ON the machine. Removing and reinstalling the blades or blade carrier just wasn't worth the effort.

The issue of holding the blade in place while sharpening on the machine can be overcome several ways. At first I'd simply put a piece of 2x4 behind the blade, bracing it against the inside of the housing. But the 2x4 would fall out occasionally. So I went to the toolbox and grabbed a vise grips.

I snapped it to the side of the housing to stop the blade. But it simply takes too long if you're sharpening on the mower.

A 9" turned out to be far too heavy. I found the 7" grinder and the vise grips to be perfect combination for sharpening on the machine. It's a handy tool; with the right blade you can grind or cut masonry or metal.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. How often do you change your brush hog blades or ever? My bought new brush hog has been used for 5 years now and the cut does not seem as crisp as when new or what I remember whan it was new.

Have been BH approx 9 acres every several weeks spring summer and early fall. Can these blades be sharpened or just replaced? If I recall they were not real sharp to begin with and from what I have read are not supposed to be real sharp anyway as a sharp blade will create pungy sticks with sapplings. Am I getting to the point they need replaced based upon what I have used them for so far or am I just imagining the cut is not as good??

Reply With Quote. Re: How often do you change your brush hog blades or ever? Bush hog blades are not supposed to be knife edge sharp but rather blunt but not rounded You might find a picture on the internet or go to Tractor Supply to look at a new blade and get an idea of what the edge is supposed to look like Clark EN Mig Welder.

They should be sharpened as per use.

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I can sure see 20ys on a set of blades. Pretty much what everyone else said, take it back to the original profile and do not round the ends.

how sharp should bush hog blades be

Thanks for the info I grease the u joints, rear wheel, pivot, safety cover etc every 8 hours. I have never greased the expandable slip shaft on the drive shaft ever. Never thought about it to be honest. I'm going to unhook the shaft from the pto tonight and pull it apart and grease it. Do you all grease this part of the shaft?? My dealer said you would be surprised how many only grease their u joints etc every couple months or even once a season on their brush hogs.

Replies: 7 Last Post:PM. Anyone have the Down Force Hydraulic Attachment? By Altex in forum Attachments. Replies: 24 Last Post:PM. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. Replies: 47 Last Post:PM. Replies: 12 Last Post:PM. All times are GMT MF Poor is right about centrifugal force. Be sure to check the shoulder bolts to see if they are worn. I had one to wear through on my Corsicana rotary mower. To this day I have not found the blade! As a suggestion you might consider buying an over-run PTO clutch coupler.

It keeps the inertia in your mower or other PTO driven implements from pushing your tractor. Keep your blades sharp and be careful! Hope this helps. I went to check the blades and found the blade is rigid, it does not swing. The blade bolt is screwed down tight and does not have the bolt shown in the Owner's manual that i found online with the shims and clip to keep some gap to allow it to swing.

Is this screw down bolt proper? I wonder if there is a way to make these bolts work to let the blade swing like I know they should? I have a Brush Bull 60 purchased new last summer - nice mower.

There are shims available in 18 and 20 GA thickness. I have been searching further and found on line, the assembly for the brushbull BB60E shows a blade pin that is a threaded bolt with nut and lock washer like I have on my brushbull. I guess there is no loose fitting blade here and will have to remain bolted down tight? There is no bolt hole for the lock down bolt to thread through the shims and into the stump jumper housing. If you don't have a dealer, the Wood's number is, Most of our stocked parts ship within 24 hours M-Th.

We have the parts you need to repair your tractor - the right parts. Our fast shipping, low prices and years of research make us your best choice when you need parts. Shop Online Today. Implement Alley. Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N.Mowing the lawn. So what is the optimum frequency for sharpening your lawn mowing blades? Put another way?

How many times per grass cutting season do you need to renew the cutting edge on your blades? While most homeowners may feel that sharpening their lawn mower blades is not that critical or important, as it turns out, it really depends on what your goals are for your lawn. Well then by all means sharpening your lawnmower blade is critically important to the health of your turf grass. Why does it matter? Have you ever seen frayed brown edges on the tips of your grass when you go to cut it on any given mowing?

No wonder… because this is a good indicator that on the last mowing you did so with dull lawnmowing blades. Now for the good best part. How often do you really need to sharpen your lawn mower blades? Now I know what you might be thinking that sounds a bit excessive, and if you are a homeowner just mowing your own yard one time a week it probably is, but think about it another way they sharpen their blades once a week or every 25 hours of yard mowing.

This means that you can follow the same advice and sharpen your blades every 25 hours of cutting your yard. So how can you use this to figure out how to best make sure that your sharpening your blades just the right amount?

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This can be easily done with a smartphone these days and calculate the actual time you spent cutting. Simply stated you could figure that you need to sharpen your blades every 25 cutsmake sense? Now keep in mindsharpening your blades more often is indeed better for your lawn, however there is a point of diminishing returns for the amount of time and money invested in blade sharpening, so just keep that in mind. Put another wayone or two times per lawn mowing season for most homeowners depending on what part of the county you live in.

Now the best way to sharpen your blades is the subject of another blog post that we will be conducting research around in the coming weeks, however you could use an angle grinder, a bench grinder, or just take the blades to your lawn mower shop nearby and they will sharpen them professionally for you. Your lawn will thank you for it.

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How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades? Try Multiple Methods!

Does it even matter? Share this article. Subscribe our blog. Homeowners Association Regulation Nightmares! To get to the bottom of this, GreenPal recently conducted a poll of over lawnmowing professionals to get the professional answer to this question for lawn mowing service professionals and homeowners alike. Put another way, if you do not really care about what type of grass is growing in your yard or the overall health of your turf grass, well then shopping your lawn mower blades is not that important.

That's the bottom line. Now, What does this mean for you? Bottom line, as long your sharpening for every 25 hours of grass cutting, you should be good.Same goes with the bush hog blades. As these blades need to do more tough works than the typical blades, that's why they need to be sharpened now and then. Bush hog blades not only have to go through the grass but also they get exposed to rocks and stumps which make the blades dull.

If you notice your machine no longer cuts through the brush, it's probably time to sharpen the blades. When the blades become heavily clogged with debris, you will notice that the blades cannot cut as it used to before. Torn debris makes the blades dull, and they only pull stalks but don't cut as expected.

When you come across this situation, consider sharpening the blades. There are different methods you can sharpen the blades with. However, I've chosen methods that are easy to go with, and they no longer need any professional skills to do. Regardless of the method you choose; you will need to remove the blades first. You need to remove the blades to minimize any chances of injury. Also, you will have better control of the blades while working and prevent the bush hog from falling on you.

Removing the blades is quite simple. Flip the cutting deck to get access to the underside.

do bush hog blades need sharpening?

Wearing heavy-duty gloves and gogglesremove the bolt and washer with a breaker bar. Once you have removed the blades, you are good to go to apply whatever method you like.

It is one of the easiest methods you can try. To apply the method, follow the given instructions —. When you are done with sharpening and cleaning the blades, then carefully replace it on the bush hog and screw the bolt and washer properly. Make sure the bolt isn't too loose. Otherwise, it can be dangerous.

Before taking it to the field, test the blades by lowering the position of bush hog and start it and see if the blades are moving freely. Be aware of the time when your blades need to sharpen. If you don't get the usual performance after multiple attempts, only then take the preparation of sharpening the blades.

You can sharpen the blades using multiple methods. But if you get a better result after trying a method first, wait for the next time to experiment with another method.

You will know which method suits your need best. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When do you need to sharpen bush hog blades? Remove The Blade Regardless of the method you choose; you will need to remove the blades first.

Angle Grinder Method It is one of the easiest methods you can try. Final Words Be aware of the time when your blades need to sharpen.After a while, any blade will get dull. Sharp blades are safer, more efficient, and require less power to mow through even the roughest brush.

There are two methods for sharpening bush hog blades that work equally well. To use an angle grinder, you hold the sharpener in your hands and pass it over the blade, which is clamped in place. To use a bench sharpener, you hold the blade against a stationary grinder. Regardless of method, the first step is to remove the blade from the bush hog to prevent injury.

This will give you better control of the blade as you work and keep the bush hog from accidentally falling on you. Removing the blade is fairly simple. Tilt the cutting deck so you can access the underside. Make sure you use some type of support for safety!

how sharp should bush hog blades be

Wearing heavy-duty work gloves to protect your hands, and goggles to protect your eyes, use an impact wrench to remove the bolt and washer holding the blade in place. When your blade is sharp and clean, replace it securely on the bush hog using the same bolt and washer. A loose or wobbly blade is dangerous. Before trying to use it again, lower the bush hog into position and start it up to make sure the blade moves freely.

You should sharpen your bush hog blades whenever you notice the bush hog is not cutting properly, or becoming heavily clogged with torn debris. A dull blade will pull tough stalks instead of cutting them, and they could wrap around the output shaft of the gearbox and ruin the seal in the gearbox. Source: eBay. Step-by-step guide to sharpening your bush hog blade There are two methods for sharpening bush hog blades that work equally well. Remove the blade Regardless of method, the first step is to remove the blade from the bush hog to prevent injury.

Angle Grinder Method Attach a grinding stone disk to your angle grinder. Secure the bush hog blade to a workbench or table with a vise. Clean the blade with a wire brush to remove any plant debris. Start the angle grinder and pass it along the blade edge in a smooth motion, following the angle of the blade.

Repeat this motion until the blade is shiny and smooth.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Sharpening bush hog blades I have about 25 hours on my Squealer SQ now and after taking about 12 achres from partly overgrown fields with apple, cherry, birtch, and other brush to a nice planed off look I think I might need to sharpen the blades a bit.

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I hit some pretty big rocks here and there the first pass through and planed my fair share of high spots off so when looking at the blades the other day i noticed there are a few BIG dents and flat spots in the cutting edge.

How do you sharpen these bledes and get the big flat spots out? I was going to take the big ball pein hammer on the anvil to at least bend the edge back to the profile. Any tips you guys can share?

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Well it started out that way. Reply With Quote. Re: Sharpening bush hog blades Some folks use an angle grinder to sharpen blades without removing them. I've sharpened some two different ways. In both cases I removed the blades, which wasn't a big deal for me since I had a pneumatic impact wrench.

I've sharpened some using a 6" bench grinder, and I've also sharpened some using a 4. And while I never had to do it, I'd probably try straightening the edge as you said, with a big hammer and the anvil, although bending them may weaken the metal, or even break it. Depending on how bad the blades are, I might just replace them.

​How how often should you sharpen your lawn mower blades? Does it even matter?

In fact, back when I had a Bush Hog Squealer, I was surprised that new blades were as cheap as they were, but that's been a few years ago.

If you have to grind off too much, or pieces break off, then blade balance may become an issue. Personally, for brush hogs, I simply "balanced" them by weighing them and ground enough off for them to weigh the same. Re: Sharpening bush hog blades If they aren't to bad I usually leave them on and just block the mower up or lift it up with the loader and lean it against the barn and take the angle grinder to it.

If they have alot of gouges or notches in them I will take them right off and pound them out with the maul and then grind a sharp edge on it.

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Woods 7ft back blade, 3pt. Future attachments: backhoe, grapple. Re: Sharpening bush hog blades Ditto on the angle grinder. Like Bird said, blades are surprisingly cheap.

Maybe get an extra set and do surgery on the old ones some cold winter day when there's nothing else to do. Mark Leininger. It will still cut grass. Re: Sharpening bush hog blades What should the blade edge on a bush hog be like, knife edge sharp? I bought a Bush Hog SQ, and finally started using it this past week, after cutting a field, and doing some brush beating I blocked the deck up to take a look at the blades.

There was a couple nicks on the edges, but noting real bad, but touching the edge of the blade it didn't really feel that sharp, just like a blunt edge.

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